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This page is of subjects and people that I find interesting


 The Paranormal


Ghost Hunting

Mercur Cemetery: A old mining town, (formerly Lewiston, 1860's) located in Tooele County, UT

This is an actual unaltered photograph of an Orb I took
This is an (exaggerated) dramtization loop of that event 


Other Artists



Hope Carson

Hope is a Law of Attraction  coach. Her positive attiude  and outlook  has been helpful to me  in my wilderness.

 (And stress free in only 4.5 minutes,...Wow,... it helps :).

Learn more at:

Visual Artist

Kirsten Heath

Kirsten is a Photographer/Graphic Artist whom I have had the pleasure to meet.

I find her Photographs and art inspiring, enough so that I  am moved to post  a small sample here.

See more of Kirsten's  photographic art at:

Visual Entertainment Artist

Vincent Lords

Master Mystifier/Hipnotist Vincent Lords

This  cutting edge artist, amazes me with how he projects his energy to his audience. If you get a chance to see one of his shows, don't miss it . You won't be disappointed.

check out













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